Welcome to the New Spiral Website!

2007 was a roller coaster ride!

First, we lost our teaching venue. The original Spiral Mart live house closed, due to plans to demolish the building.

For August and September we didn't have formal classes but we all met regularly at Stile Libero for an informal Monday night practice.

During that time we were joined by Blandine from France, who brings her considerable modern dance experience with her. She is now helping with the Salsa classes.

In October we resumed formal classes at White IZE and started promoting the new location. It was then that we decided to build a better website and register our new domain www.spiralsalsa.com.

Recently we were also invited to teach at Seibidou Culture, in Yaizu City. Classes are set to start in March.

The purpose of Spiral Salsa has always been to serve the salsa community. In 2008 we continue with that mandate, and work to expand our scope to include other dance styles, including modern dance.

Hope to see you!