About Spiral Salsa

The Spiral Dance School is based in Shizuoka City, Japan. We teach both Latin and modern Dance.

It all began when Stephen Brown and Eri Aoki started a beginners' salsa dance class at Shizuoka Dance School (since renamed to Aoki Dance School). The purpose was to providea slow-paced salsa class that focused on the basics. Our goal was to prepare students to be able to enter other classes in Shizuoka City without difficulty.

Stephen & Eri

From there we relocated to SpiralMart, which was our home for two years. It is there that our salsa dance class came to be known as the "Spiral Class".

Alas, SpiralMart moved to a knew location (Spiral B) which is too small for out needs, but we kept the name "Spiral Salsa" for the salsa class and created "The Spiral Dance Company", for the school and dance troup.